Dysport® (abobotulinumtoxin A) is a neuromodulator approved to treat glabellar frown lines in a fashion similar to Botox® cosmetic. This often results in some lift of the brows, which opens the eyes. Off label, it can be used to diminish lines across the forehead, crows' feet, and vertical lip lines and to minimize marionette lines, which cause a downturn to the corners of the mouth. It is administered by injection, and there is no downtime involved. Generally three to five injections are used per area treated. Results develop over several days and last three to four months. Regular use helps prevent the development of etched lines.

Dysport® may have a faster onset of action than its competitors. In one split face study of crows' feet in which Botox® was used on one side and Dysport® used on the other side, Dysport® improved the appearance of crows' feet significantly better than Botox® did.

Dysport® gives a natural youthful look. Treatments are quick and well tolerated. The effects diminish gradually with time, and subsequent treatments maintain results. When it does wear off, the wrinkles are not as deep as they used to be since the muscles that create the lines have not been active. Administration by a trained professional with knowledge of facial anatomy will give optimal results.

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